<![CDATA[Ely's Easel - Blog]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 15:05:19 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[What a wild ride]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 13:47:30 GMThttp://elyseasel.weebly.com/blog/what-a-wild-rideAs I sit in the morning silence enjoying my coffee I can't help but think about the craziness that my house has endured since the beginning of September. Between MacGyver starting his own construction business, kids starting school, soccer and Irish Dance plus me painting & crocheting like a mad woman, its a wonder that we survived! 
2015 has been the year of change for out little family. Craig's brother passed away on Easter Sunday due to a terrible accident shortly after we said goodbye to his Grandfather. Craig also decided to start working for himself after the company he worked for closed in August. Through it all he has been our rock. I truly believe it's because our faith that God will get us through anything that life throws at us.
It's been a great year, too. Both Dash & Sassy had a terrific 2015. Lacrosse, dance, swim and soccer reigned supreme for fun and both are having awesome school years. They are goofy, challenging, loving, active, and headstrong kiddos and make us laugh every day. 
As for this little machine Ely's Easel, I know how lucky I am. Every year has had growth and the fact that I get to do what I love is not forgotten. I do need to find a better balance between home and work in 2016 and that will be a challenge because my work is (mostly) at home! It has been the year of the corn hole for sure and it all started with the "Hi, can you make this for me?" from a client. From there it steamrolled and not only are we hooked on the game but we also have friends & family hooked, too. It has also been the year of the destination signs, also begun with a question on a Facebook yard sale page. Thanks to friends and past clients I was hired to create & MacGyver install a backyard destination sign. We loved it so much that we ended up making one for our home, too. Christmas brought three orders for clients and our signs will be featured in The Home Show in Oaks, PA Jan 15-17, 2016! Sparkly balls ruled the order list too and it was the first year that I did not need to do post after post to advertise. I am amazed at the creativity that my clients come up with in themes for their ornaments. 
So, thanks again for tuning in and spreading the word. You all are appreciated more than you can possibly know. Here are some of the highlights from the year! 
<![CDATA[Cornhole Mania]]>Fri, 21 Aug 2015 11:10:02 GMThttp://elyseasel.weebly.com/blog/cornhole-maniaSpring & Summer 2015 have flown by and we are now in denial that the school year is right around the corner. It has been a terrific summer filled with swim team, lazy days by the pool, trips to the beach and CORNHOLE!
It all started with a "hey, I was wondering if you could build a cornhole set." After a quick visit to the almighty Google we learned it was the beanbag toss game that we played at tailgating. We then realized that not only is it popular but it's almost a culture thing. We researched the specs for the boards and got to work. The first result was this...
The family couldn't have been happier with the set and from there it's snowballed into several sets made this summer including....

<![CDATA[Upcycle Challenge, Philly Home Show 2015]]>Tue, 20 Jan 2015 23:33:43 GMThttp://elyseasel.weebly.com/blog/upcycle-challenge-philly-home-show-2015Well, here we go. I'm finally jumping into the Blogging pool. What better way to kick it off than writing about my latest challenge. I'm a newbie when it comes to the blog stuff, so I'm sure this will be a bumpy ride. 
Last year, I wanted to do the Philly Home Show challenge, but a mini kid plague & what seemed to be a constant snowstorm (Abington friends, you remember this not too fondly) I had to bail out. I just couldn't head to the Restore with a sick kid in tow or navigate through partially plowed streets. 
This year, things were different. Both kids were in school for full days, healthy and there was NO SNOW on the ground. The Philly Home show was inviting local bloggers, artists and people with creativity to transform something, anything from the ReStore in Philadelphia into a planter. I got the kids to school, filled my travel mug & hit the road. Thanks to the GPS (I have an awful sense of direction) I made it in one piece. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had a $100 store credit to pick out anything I wanted to transform into a planter. The only thing I knew was it had to have some space for me to paint. 
After an hour or so of looking around, I had found paint, some building materials & an old dresser with funky drawers ready for the ride home. Then I saw it, a old phone stand/End table. I knew I had to ditch the funky dresser & go with this smaller piece. Boy, am I glad I did because I love the final product. 
Here's what I started with. Looks like something straight from Grandma's home, right?
It was positively freezing the day that I started. The piece need a sanding. I was so happy that it was in pretty good shape, so I was not outside too long. MacGyver (my husband) came home after a long day & gave me that "really, that's your project?" look. I got even more looks when I told him that I'm only using cobalt blue and white for the entire project. I think my kids, Flash & Sassy McSasserson, were also on board with the "Mom is crazy" theme of the night. 

Once I got the piece painted, it was time to have some fun. I wanted it to be funny, pretty, contain positive images and be appealing to a mass audience. I am a Pinterest junkie so I started looking for phrases that I liked that I could make into my style. 
I can have a sick sense of humor. This was the 1st thing I painted:

Then I came across this one...
I was really on a roll by this one. I love Audrey Hepburn. I knew I had to have this one...
It was a couple days till delivery day. Time to get MacGyver involved. He is the master of the power tools. As usual, I asked him to cut into a tight space and he delivered. 
Finally! It was time for plants. Thanks to my favorite local garden center, Primex, I was able to find the perfect plants! Here's the final product. I hope you like it as much as me!